3D Printing for Education

The Series 1 and Series 1 Pro empower educators and students to build big ideas. Offering a large build volume and a broad selection of materials, you have the freedom to explore and investigate new applications, novel approaches to old problems, and can do so with life-size results.

From "fab" labs to individual classrooms, Series 1 3D printers offer an outstanding combination of reliability, capability, and return on investment with a lifespan counted in years, rather than months.

As your needs grow, Type A provides a path with our Print Pod, providing the tools needed to manage multiple printers and print jobs. Usage stats, material used and models printed can be tracked, as well as monitoring and control of an entire lab, up to sixty (60) Series 1 printers across ten Print Pods.

From desktop to fab lab, Series 1 3D printers are the right tool for the job.

Volume + Materials

Size MattersWith a cubic foot print volume, the Series 1 and Series 1 Pro deliver more "life size" results with a greater choice of materials than any other 3D printer on the market and bigger ideas meansbigger opportunities.

For the first time, using a new material is as simple as picking it from a list. We've optimized material profiles  specifically for the Series 1 and Series 1 Pro with our G2 Extruder and built them right into Cura for Type A Machines. 

No more hours of trial and error in order to determine basic settings and get a successful print. Load up your filament, select it from over 40 optimized material profiles; PLA, PET, conductive, flexible, wood, or metal infused materials, with more on the way.



Made to Last

Cutting EdgeThe modular design of the Series 1 Pro means each component can be replaced, upgraded, or modified by the user. With high-quality components, the Series 1 Pro is built to withstand ongoing use in all types of environments, from desktop to lab to production facility, and to keep on printing for years.

And speaking of printing, our virtually clog-free G2 Extruder means you can spend your time designing instead of unclogging your extruder or waiting for a replacement. And the high level of reliability means printing doesn't have to stop when class ends, but can keep printing until it finishes.

As new technology becomes available, you can upgrade your Series 1 or Series 1 Pro as you need. That's a budget-friendly concept any educator can appreciate.

The Print Pod can deliver at lower costs per part and more flexibilty than traditional manufacturing methods, such as injection molding.