3D Printing for Manufacturers

From rapid prototyping, to scalable manufacturing, the Series 1 line of 3D printers offers the opportunity to reduce risk while increasing flexibility, and does so with affordable scalability.

Manufacturing Opportunity

With 3D printing, businesses have the opportunity to design, create, and revise parts or entire products and with the reliability and durability of the Series 1, and the scalability and volume of our Print Pod, the Series 1 can serve you all the way from desktop prototype to final production.

Our virtually clog-free G2 Extruder is capable of printing with hundreds of materials on the market today and of delivering reliably under continuous heavy use.

Where traditional prototyping and manufacturing cannot offer custom and low volume runs affordably, the Series 1 3D printers offer an alternative.

An Example

Dan Walters (shown above) is CEO of Copper Harbor, Inc., a San Leandro-based chemical company. Walters needed a solution for an aerospace client's request for single-use packaging for a powerful, two-part adhesive.

The traditional path of prototyping locally, followed by manufacturing abroad, would cost up to $50,000 with a minimum order far larger than required, and taken months to negotiate, manufacture and transport.

Walters turned to the Series 1 and was able to prototype the solution, incorporate input from the client, and manufacture the first batch of his packaging solution, all on the Series 1. Not only was he able accomplish it for under $5,000, but he did so with a turnaround time of only 15 days, start to finish.

By minimizing financial output, as therefore risk, manufacturers can use the Series 1 to deliver at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing, while avoiding over-production, inventory warehousing, and overstock.

Perhaps most importantly, as Dan Walters noted, was that the Series 1 enables you to design and manufacture your own solutions. In the case of Copper Harbor, Walters was able to meet the needs of a significant customer when it would not have been financially feasible otherwise.

"Next time they need a solution, they know they can come to me," said Walters.

Scaling Done Right

connections-01_smallWith the Series 1 Pro and Print Pod, you can scale your operations to meet your manufacturing needs and your budget. The Series 1 Pro has the build quality of an industrial machine at a disruptively affordable price. As your business grows, you can seamlessly add additional printers to increase your manufacturing capacity, or to prototype and produce more products.

Built to Last

durable-01_smallThe aluminum body, high-quality bearings, and industrial-grade components of our Series 1 line of printers are rated to withstand use over long periods of time. Our commitment to modular design means you can upgrade to new technologies as they become available, making the most of your investment. The Series 1 Pro and Print Pod are your opportunity to rethink what your company outsources and consider new ways to deliver to your customers, with the support of a company that's here for the long haul.

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