3D Printing Industry Case Studies

3D Printing and Interactive Art Installations

3D printing is enabling artists, designers and engineers to explore new ways of creating and to develop products and artworks in a faster and more efficient manner. Meet Ken Rinaldo, contemporary artist and educator known for his interactive robotics, 3D animation and bio-art installations. With the help of the Series 1 Pro by Type A Machines, Ken is able to truly take advantage of the benefits of rapid prototyping as an artist, address the complexities of his works, and meet strict production deadlines while keeping his costs low.

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Helping Tomorrow’s Architects Communicate Their Visions


For an Architecture student struggling with the expense of earning an education, material costs can be a heavy burden – even a barrier to learning. At The Clemson University School of Architecture, Type A Machines is helping architecture students learn by providing reliable, easy-to-use technology that they need to perform their coursework – while keeping expenses low.

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Innovating Design and Workflow with the Print Pod

Talk to Stephan Adams for a bit and you’ll soon discover that one of his favorite words is “workflow.”

Founder and managing partner of Adamation LLC, Adams is an entrepreneur and micro-manufacturer who’s all about innovation – not only in product design, but in production. He quickly found that Type A Machines had the perfect tool for his latest project – not just to create a novel design for a new product, but to optimize his workflows.

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Print Pod Powers Prototyping and Production At UC Berkeley

Students learn by doing – and using Type A Machines

Jacobs Hall, Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, College of Engineering, University of California Berkeley

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