Type A Machines makes the award winning Series 1 line of 3D printers, including the Print Pod, the industry’s first parallel-production printing solution featuring up to 60 networked printers. Type A Machines is empowering design professionals and manufacturers worldwide to move into the 3D manufacturing era.

As part of the grass roots RepRap community, Andrew Rutter's innate knack for technology and practical design gained attention and Andrew founded Type A Machines along with Espen Sivertsen, Stefani Pellinen-Chavez, Miloh Alexander, Gabriel Bentley, and Elijah Post in January 2012. This timing was due, in no small part, to his wife’s insistence that he remove his 3D printer from their dining room table.

As an early 3D printing industry pioneer, Type A Machines received PC Magazine's Editor's Choice award for the  Series 1 3D printer as well as Make Magazine's Best in ClassAs Type A Machines grows, delivering exceptional products, engaging the community, and pioneering new technologies remain at the core of our purpose.


Our History


June 2011 - First Meeting

  • Andrew Rutter, Espen Sivertsen, Miloh Alexander, Gabriel Bentley, and Elijah Post, meet at the Noisebridge Hackerspace

November 2011 - Development Begins

  • Development begins on a 3D printer with a focus on an open modular design. Andrew's vision of the ultimate tool, rather than a product to sit on a store shelf becomes the foundation of not only the Series 1, but of Type A Machines itself. To allow transport to meetups, it's designed to collapse small enough to fit it into the trunk of a car (a Miata to be precise). It's build volume is 9 x 9 x 9 inch, enormous for that time


January 2012 - Founding the Company

  • Founded by Andrew Rutter, Espen Sivertsen, Miloh Alexander, Gabriel Bentley and Stefani Pellinen-Chavez at “The Colony,” a shared incubation space at 8th and Howard Street in San Francisco, California
  • Elijah Post, 17 years old, is named employee #1

May 2012 - Series 1 Launched

  • 1st Series 1 launched at Maker Faire in San Mateo, California to great acclaim

November 2012 - Named Best in Class

  • Series 1 named Make Magazine “Best in Class”


Early 2013 - Move to TechShop

  • Type A Machines moves to TechShop San Francisco

Mid 2013 - Named Best of Show, 1st Wi-Fi Equipped 3D Printer

  • Series 1 revision sneak preview is named Maker Faire "Best of Show"
  • 1st to offer built-in Wi-Fi connectivity in a 3D printer


January 2014 - Move to San Leandro Factory, 2014 Series 1 Begins Production

  • Move to San Leandro, California to 8,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space at The Gate
  • Bay Area Advanced Manufacturing coalition launched; includes MadeSolid, Mind2Matter, and other 3D tech companies.
  • 2014 Series 1 begins production on new assembly line.

March 2014 - Chief Strategy Officer

  • Tim Holmes, former head of Apple Evangelism, joins as Chief Strategy Officer

Early 2014 - New Manufacturing Focus, New Services Introduced

  • Significant portion of customer base determined to consist of businesses
  • Service packages, toolkits, etc. introduced in response to professionals and manufacturers demand.

May 2014 - Introduce G2 Extruder

  • G2 Extruder introduced. Virtually clog-free and high-temp capable, G2 paves the way for expanding material support
  • 1st to support Autodesk Meshmixer's direct print integration as result of Autodesk partnership

Fall 2014 - Software Update Delivers Easy Wi-Fi

  • Software update delivers simple Wi-Fi user interface for all 2014-and-later Series 1 printers.


April 2015 - Optimized Material Profiles Introduced

  • Only 3D printer under $10K to deliver optimized material profiles. 20 profiles delivered with initial release.

May 2015 - Series 1 Pro, Print Pod Intro, Over 40 Optimized Material Profiles

  • Series 1 Pro introduced at RAPID 2015, largest additive manufacturing event in US.
  • Print Pod introduced with workflow software to monitor and control up to 60 Series 1 Pro printers.
  • Release of more material profiles brings the total to more than 40 materials with optimized profiles.

June 2015 - G2 Extruder Upgrade

July 2015 - Upgrade to Pro

  • "Upgrade to Series 1 Pro Features" introduced for all 2014 Series 1 printers

August 2015 - UC Berkeley Print Pod Launch

  • UC Berkeley Jacob Digital Innovation Hall launch features Type A Machines' Print Pod.
  • Cura for Type A Machines released with new custom user interface and new feature. 


March 2016 Release of ProMatte 

  • Type A Machines' first name branded filament, ProMatte, is released.

May 2016 - Cura Type A 1.5 Beta Launched

  • Announced at RAPID 2016 in Orlando Florida, Cura Type A 1.5 launched.
  • Cura Type A 1.5 introduced Absolute Internal Structures to the slicing software. 

August 2016 - Release of EverydayPLA and PerformancePLA 

  • The two PLAs joined ProMatte in Type A Machines' line of filaments. 
  • Accompanying the two materials was the launch of Cura Type A 1.5. 

October 2016 - Partnership with Mosaic Manufacturing Announced 

  • Type A Machines is bringing multi-filament printing to the Series 1 with Palette integration.
  • Palette brings the ability to print up to four filaments all from one extruder.

November 2016 - Shawn Hopwood joins Type A Machines as CMO

  • Shawn Hopwood brings more than 30 years of Fortune 500 experience to Type A Machines.
  • Spearheading a comprehensive brand and sales strategy within the 3D manufacturing marketplace.

December 2016 - Enterprise Bundle Launched

  • Introducing the Tungsten Carbide Hot End to the Series 1 Pro
  • Also includes BuildTak FlexPlate System


February 2017 - Partnership with BriteLab Announced

  • The San Jose OEM takes over production of the Series 1 Pro.
  • Type A Machines products continue to be made in the USA.


April 2017 - Adaptive Auto-Leveling Launched

  • Standard with all new Series 1 Pros and available as an upgrade
  • Never worry about manually leveling your bed again


Type A Machines Customers Span the Globe
71 countries