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Intersection of Cyber + Reality
"Technology doesn't replace people. People who know how to use technology replace people who don't

– Shawn Hopwood, Chief Marketing Officer, Type A Machines


Throughout the history of manufacturing, the significant capital investment required in order to create parts has inhibited thousands of inventors, entrepreneurs, designers, and would-be manufacturers from bringing their ideas to life. Creators would need to purchase numerous cutting, milling, and moulding devices for tens of thousands of dollars each in order to produce one product.

To make matters worse, if the product turned out not to be what the creator was looking for, significant capital investment would be necessary in order to try again. Iteration would be so expensive, that many choose not to do it at all.

This is all about to change.

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Over the next twenty years, nearly every manufacturing process will be impacted by additive manufacturing. Within forty years, manufacturing will be defined by it. Additive Manufacturing is the process by which material is deposited in layers to form an object. This is in contrast to traditional manufacturing, where the object, or mold of the object, is cut out from a solid block of material. 

The majority of the material required in traditional processes is often waste, while the complexity of geometry is limited by the toolhead used, Additive Manufacturing produces nearly no waste, and there’s practically no limit to the complexity of the geometry possible.

In addition, very little capital investment is required relative to that needed for traditional processes. Additive Manufacturing devices can produce objects which would require multiple traditional manufacturing tools to produce, and  at a fraction of the overall cost.

Since additive manufacturing devices give you granular scalability and the ability to continually and simultaneously iterate, at a disruptively low barrier-to-entry price, there is significantly reduced justification for spending tens of thousands of dollars on single purpose machines.

Additive manufacturing machines are taking a role in manufacturing equivalent to that which computers have taken in business and everyday life. This is not a prediction of the future, but is happening right now in factories, engineering departments and design studios all around the world.

A common fear that is associated with the idea of the Factory of the Future is that it will lead to all jobs being replaced by robots. As the famous quote from Warren Bennis goes, "The Factory of the Future will only have two employees, a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment." However, that will not be entirely true. Shawn Hopwood, Chief Marketing Officer of Type A Machines says, "Technology doesn't replace people. People who know how to use technology replace people who don't."

We invite you to lead the way with us in revolutionizing the business case for manufacturing and beat the competition to the factory of the future. Have a look at our products, order a print sample, or get in touch to discover how you can apply Additive Manufacturing to your ideas / business. 

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