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By far, the most important component of a 3D printer is its extruder. Without an extruder, the rest of the machine is useless, and without a good extruder, the time you could be spending creating is wasted on complicated maintenance and frustrating repairs, not to mention costly replacement parts.


We Knew What we Wanted
Five Generations Ago.

Make it simple, make it versatile, and make it work. Everytime.

Type A Machines has been designing advanced extruders since 2012. Each iteration improves upon our patented designs. No FDM extruder is more reliable, versatile, or easy to use than the G2 Extruder.

Simply put, no extruder matches the reliability or number of materials supported by the G2.

In addition, the G2 was built to last. It's capable of handling performance or metal-filled materials with ease. The G2 is as rock solid as it is fluid in its capabilities.


Simply Reliable.

The G2 extruder was designed with performance in mind. The pinchwheel, which advances filament into the extruder, is made from the hardest tool steel available to ensure slippage isn't a problem.

The G2’s unique stainless steel nozzle avoids the traditional threaded brass connections and plastic insulators. The G2 is a single straight tube with a thermal gradient  of just 4mm, ensuring filament melts only when it needs to and no sooner.

Because of this unique design, the G2 does not clog under standard operation.


The Right Path.

The G2 Extruder is designed to print in any material you can think of. It sports an all-metal internal filament path, stainless steel, single-piece hot end, and a direct-drive design coupled with precision geometry and a super straight filament path.

All of these innovations make it possible to print in nylons, exotics, composites, and flexibles with ease. See a list of all supported materials.


Easy To Maintain, Easy to Own.

Where some extruders require you to disassemble the entire toolhead to clear clogs, the G2 hot end can be accessed using a single bolt. If you manage to encounter a clog, (and we’d like to hear how you did it!) the hot end can be cleared and reset using a number of simple techniques. Some of our users have used their G2 extruders for upwards of a year without having to perform any maintenance on the hot end at all.

The longevity and low cost of the G2 hot end makes for a substantially reduced cost of ownership. Even if you were to buy a new hot end at the rate the leading brand suggests you replace theirs, your cost of ownership would still be 75% less.

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