Our Users

Type A Machines is built on community. We strive to provide our users with the best printing experience possible, and are only able to make this happen by engaging with our network of professionals and makers, and learning what they want and need in a 3D printer. We hope you like meeting our users as much as we do.


TechShop San Francisco is a space for makers and creators to thrive. When their ShopBot CNC Machine had a broken dust skirt, James intended to create a 3D printed part that could replace it. He was able to create a prototype of the dust skirt, which is the part of the machine that vacuums up dust.

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The FINs

With the Series 1 3D Printer, designers can finally create and experiment with their ideas in a faster and cheaper manner.

This is what happened to three young designers from the University of San Francisco. Joshua, Omar and Wesley met while attending classes at the University and decided to create a new-school hardware company called FIN.

They designed a product that turns the iPhone in a multi-functional device, where functionality and aesthetics meet. A case with a card slider that allows you to access easily your credit card.

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Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics

The team at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University is working on great things. The program's PhD candidate John Granzow was not familiar 3D printing until he started using the machines on Stanford's campus. After seeing how useful these machines were, he decided to invest in one with Sasha Leitman, Technical Coordinator and Projects Manager of CCRMA.

The team relied on the reviews of Make Magazine on entry level printers and decided on a Series 1 for its larger print volume and open source, and the fact our company was locally-based. 

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Grain Lighting

Grain Lighting is a company based in Oakland, CA that is working on creating alternative, atmospheric lighting. Earlier this year, CEO Robert and Industrial Designer Marc decided to invest in a 3D printer.

The office next door to theirs purchased a Makerbot Replicator, which Marc began using. 

"I’ve been skeptical of 3D printing from the beginning, especially with the Makerbot. It seemed like a cool concept, but in practice, it seemed like a toy," said Robert.

Prior to 3D printing, Grain Lighting had been creating models using bamboo, which was a time-consuming and costly process. They turned to 3D printing for the creation of model parts, and realized that they should get one of their own.

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Andrew is 14 years old and he got his first Series 1 3D printer in February 2013. He has been printing non-stop ever since!

His interest in 3D printing started when first seeing 3D printing at Maker Faire a couple of years back, but really took off when his school purchased a 3D printer.

"The printer is useful for school projects, not just in design class but in any area where visualization and physical learning helps the class.

My classmates and I print objects we design like houses and airplanes, parts for product design class mock-ups, and models like a 3-dimensional periodic table for chemistry.

I taught myself 3D modeling and I needed a reliable 3D printer to build my own designs."

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A San Francisco-based company that is dedicated to the manufacturing of photography and videography tools that are both affordable and high quality. These tools enable users to create beautiful shots that were once only achievable by professionals.

Brian Burling, founder of eMotimo, previously created prototype parts using CNC machines at TechShop in San Francisco. While at TechShop, Burling got acquainted with the Type A Machines team and our Series 1 3D printer. He saw the potential for its use at eMotimo, and, after looking at other brands, invested in a printer in March 2013.

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Smith|Allen Studio

Smith|Allen Studio is an interdisciplinary design studio in Oakland, lead by sculptor Stephanie Smith and architect Bryan Allen, specialized in the design and fabrication of 3D printed structures, objects and installations.

Installation, material, and dimension

Combining Smith’s interest in installation, material, and dimension with Allen’s architectural background and computer modeling skills, the artistic duo is focused on work that is visually and experientially engaging for the viewer.

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