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Delivering the lowest cost per part at a disruptively low cost of entry.

Print Pod

Simultaneous and Versatile

The Print Pod allows multiple jobs in multiple materials to be in production simultaneously. Each printer can be allocated specific print jobs or all printers can be allocated to one job to increase turnaround. In addition, each printer can produce several objects simultaneously on the same platform.

Inherent Redundancy

With multiple discrete units, the Print Pod provides redundancy not possible with any traditional approach to manufacturing. If a Print Pod has a printer scheduled for maintenance, the Print Pod continues operation without a hitch, allowing 24/7 operation.


As an option to the Print Pod, an uninterruptible power supply to protect your production line from interruptions due to power surges or outages. Enough time is provided to switch to a generator in case of an outage to keep production running. In the event of a power surge, your Print Pod and printers are protected.

Professional Scalability

The Print Pod can hold up to six Series 1 Pro 3D printers, all networked together. Need to scale more? Simply connect more Print Pods via Ethernet and every Series 1 Pro can be monitored and controlled from a single screen, either the included touch screen or a mobile device of your choosing.

Print Pod 3 racks

Scale Production, Not Staff

The Print Pod allows you to store and access print performance data allowing for better troubleshooting and workflow management. The Print Pod's included touchscreen PC provides access to monitor and control the Print Pod from anywhere. Up to 10 Print Pods can be connected via simple Ethernet cable for a total of up to 60 printers.

Central Control and Monitoring

Access to every printer is at your fingertips, across multiple Print Pods with the Pod Control software and touchscreen terminal. View an overview of all printers or control each machine individually, record live video, and gather print job data to give you insight to production inefficiencies.

Hard Wired for Maximum Performance

The Print Pod arrives ready to work with a plug & play Ethernet network to protect your Print Pod against interference from nearby devices. Scaling is as simple as connecting more Print Pods via Ethernet cable. Every Print Pod also comes equipped with Wi-Fi. Simply connect and go.

Customized to Your Needs

Each Print Pod can be customized to your needs. We know it's important to have a choice of features, training, and service & support, whether lighting, enclosure, or uninterruptible power supply. We'll work with you to meet your needs.

Industrial 3D printing is at a tipping point, about to go mainstream in a big way.

—Harvard Business Review, May 2015


White Paper:

Low Volume, Agile, Additive Manufacturing & Capital Costs

The industry is transitioning from rapid prototyping to rapid production technologies as low cost, high quality fused filament fabrication machines, such as Type A Machines' Series 1 Pro, have become viable alternatives to conventional injection molding.

Download this White Paper

Type A Machines' Founder and CTO Andrew Rutter and Research Engineer Vaibhav Sharma, MS Mechanical Engineering, authored a white paper released November 2014 showing that 3D printers deliver at a lower cost per part than traditional manufacturing, such as injection molding, in sub-10,000 unit runs.

model production costs chart

Manufacturing Service Packages

We stand behind all of our products with the industry’s best service and support, unlimited email support, and a 1 year customer-focused warranty.

A variety of service and support plans are available to support the needs of professional engineers, designers, makers, educators, and manufacturers. 

Video courses and onsite training on the use of the Print Pod and Series 1 Pro ensure the best experience and output, while parts & supply kits mean production can resume without waiting on part delivery, saving money and time.

Hook by Andreas Gkertsos Printed in MadeSolid PET+

Our support earned a 97% satisfaction rating.

Transfer Case Housing Printed in Type A Machines ProMatte

Your Back Up Factory

When demand spikes, it can be tough to ramp production quickly enough to meet demand. The Print Pod scales as simply as rolling another Print Pod in.

If your peaks are unpredictable, you can still respond to your customer’s needs with our Parts on Demand service. With one of the largest clusters of 3D printers, we're ready to deliver for you.

Think of us as your back up factory.


Series 1 Pro: The Core of the Print Pod

Series 1 Pro

The Series 1 Pro provides an unrivaled value in build volume cost-per-cubic-inch. That huge build volume, combined with optimized material support and upgradability, means high ROI. Providing the ability to use a single tool throughout, engineers and designers can rest assured of part fidelity, from prototype to production.

Series 1 Pro

Dozens of Optimized Material Profiles

The G2 Extruder delivers outstanding results with specialized materials such as Carbon Fiber PLA, Nylon, PET+, and IGUS materials. Combined with our heated build platform, the number of materials usable grows even more. Our optimized material profiles deliver the full range of materials professionals need, allowing the widest range of uses and manufacturing jobs.

One Screen to Rule Them All

Our Print Pod Control Center is our advanced management system. With single point access to every Series 1 Pro on the production line. Centrally control up to 60 Series 1 Pros on one easy to use touchscreen interface. With one click start prints across multiple pods.

Easy to use interface assures important information is readily available, and the most common controls are always at your finger tips. 

Monitor temperature, see model information, watch live video on the webcam, and more.

Print Pod Factory.jpg

Live Video Monitoring

Monitoring the Print Pod is about more than statistics. Built-in cameras provide a view of the build platform of each Series 1 Pro live on screen. Production runs can be recorded to review for failures or to catalog problems. Printer, filament, model, and errors are recorded and stored and allowing you to trace problems to their source, keeping the focus on solving the problem rather than just dealing with the symptoms. Over time problems can be isloated and eliminated, increasing overall productivity.

Wi-Fi Access Point

Right out of the box, the Print Pod delivers ease of use and minimal setup. An optional Wi-Fi Access Point means you can simply turn it on and connect directly to the printer. You can roll the Print Pod into production and bring it online with any Wi-Fi enabled phone, tablet, or computer.

Support and Service

2 Full Years of Warranty and Support

The Print Pod and all included Series 1 3D printers are covered by our unmatched 2 Year Warranty and 2 years of support. Our Service & Support team deliver expert support based on years of industry experience and have earned a 97% satisfaction rating from our customers.

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