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Introducing Palette+: Bringing Multi-Material 3D Printing to Series 1 Pro

Posted by Kim Carbon on Jun 19, 2017 7:00:00 AM

5. Palette2B print - Ball Bearing (PLA-PLA-PLA-Scaffold).jpg

Multi-material 3D printing has come to the Series 1 Pro.

Last October 2016, we announced our partnership with Canada-based 3D printing technology company, Mosaic Manufacturing Ltd, bringing multi-color printing to the  Series 1 Pro 3D printer, through Palette -- a technology that combines four filaments into a single strand. It was a revolutionary collaboration aimed at solving our customers’ challenges of printing multiple filaments. Since then, Mosaic has continued to develop the core technology of Palette, enabling 3D printers to do not only high-quality multi-color printing but more importantly, multi-material printing.

Today, Mosaic Manufacturing announces the launch of Palette+, an upgrade to Palette, bringing enhanced material capabilities and user experience.

Multi-Material Printing

One exciting improvement to Palette+ is its compatibility with more materials other than PLA. Now, users can run a wider variety of prints on Series 1 Pro and enjoy using material combinations including PLA with a soluble, PLA with flexible TPU, and PETG with PETG.

According to Mosaic, the new splicing technology of Palette+ enables it to create high-quality splices for PETG, a filament commonly known for its strength and recyclability. In addition, Palette+ can also splice PETG as fast as it does with PLA and is rated for use on prints with up to 700 slices.

PETG Print.pngResilient and easy to print: a multi-color headphone band made of PETG with Palette+. Photo courtesy of Mosiac Manufacturing.

Palette+ is also compatible with select soluble materials. As reported by Mosaic, the first water-soluble material that is compatible with Palette+ is Scaffold and can be used for prints with up to 500 splices. With this capability, Series 1 Pro users can now print objects with more complex geometries with better support structure without worrying about the impact of supports on the quality of the print. As Scaffold makers, E3D would say, that's "total geometric freedom."

Mobius Strips (PLA-Scaffold). Printed with Palette on Series 1 ProIntertwined Möbius strips (PLA-PLA-Scaffold). (Awesome model by cadboy — Thing:54030.) GIF courtesy of Mosaic Manufacturing.

Low-poly whale (PLA-Scaffold). Printed with PaletteLow-poly whale (PLA-Scaffold). (Sleek model by simulacrumstudios — Thing:156081.) Photo courtesy of Mosaic Manufacturing.

Palette+ also supports select TPU-based flexible materials when spliced with PLA and is rated for prints up to 50 slices.

2. Bending a splice from Palette+ (TPU-PLA).gifMulti-segment filament (PLA-TPU). Courtesy of Mosaic Manufacturing.

New Splicing Technology

In addition to its material capability, Palette+ also offers its users a brand new splicing technology, enabling stronger and more reliable bonds between filaments. Referred to by Mosaic as closed splicing, this new and improved slicing method allows for a more even distribution of heat across the bound surfaces of filaments.

This hardware development is also further enhanced by the launch of Palette’s software companion, Chroma 2.0. Chroma 2.0 carries new features including Raft, a new G-code processing engine that supports more slicers like cura, slicer settings, printers, and print file types, and allows for a more simplified setup process. It also brings enhanced transitions that reduce material waste and print time and provides more material profiles for different brands of filaments.

Series 1 Pro and Palette+


Multi-material printing opens up new opportunities for a wider variety of applications of 3D printing. With the proven reliability and versatility of the Series 1 Pro, this compatibility of Palette+ with water-soluble materials, engineering polymers, and flexible materials definitely brings the industrial functionality of Series 1 Pro to a whole new level.

Palette+ seamlessly connects with Series 1 Pro 3D printers, which means backward compatibility and minimal software setup.

Order your Palette+ today from the Type A Machines Store to reserve your spot. First batch ships from Mosaic Manufacturing on July 31st, 2017.

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