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Optimize Floor Space and Reduce Manufacturing Costs with the Print Pod

Posted by Kim Carbon on Jun 16, 2017 11:03:14 AM



An optimized factory floor space can contribute significantly to the overall efficiency and productivity of a manufacturing plant or fabrication lab. It ensures the right assets and other manufacturing resources are available, organized and maximized, establishing a continuous flow of production while reducing waste and saving on manufacturing costs.

One important consideration when laying out a factory floor is the form factor of the machines that will populate it. Factory managers or small scale manufacturers take footprint into account as they plan for the layout of their shop floor and more importantly, the objective of their production.

Now, as more manufacturers continue to adopt additive manufacturing methods in their traditional manufacturing processes, one of the questions that commonly comes up is how does one add these 3D printing machines to the shop floor without disrupting existing operations. Another equally important question is how can these additive manufacturing solutions help improve floor space usage?



Type A Machines’ Print Pod, a powerful parallel-production printing solution, offers a form factor that brings a great amount of additive manufacturing capacity at a very small cost in floor space. Built with six Series 1 Pro 3D printers, each having a full cubic foot build volume, the Print Pod is a valuable addition to any shop floor looking to increase its productivity. Where some popular large format 3D printer solutions can only offer 371.35 in3 of print volume per square foot (footprint: 65 ft2; build volume: 24,187 in3) for a single unit, the Print Pod can provide around 943 in3 per square foot (footprint: 11 ft2, build volume: 10,368 in3). This means that with just one Print Pod, you can have 2.5 more times production, resulting in higher throughput and ROI at a lesser cost in floor space.

Further, since the Print Pod can hold six printers networked together, it provides redundancy which is difficult to find with other traditional approaches to manufacturing. If one printer is scheduled for maintenance, the other can continue running jobs without any interruption. Built with a rack frame designed to fit through a standard door, operators can easily roll in a Print Pod to the shop floor and utilize their vertical space which most of the time goes unused.

With the Print Pod, you can not only take advantage of the benefits of 3D printing in manufacturing  simplifying assembly and eliminating process tools, thereby saving on fixed and other utility costs, you can also better optimize your space, leaving more room for other critical operations and increasing the capacity of your shop floor.

Want to learn more how the Print Pod can fit your business needs? Have an expert representative contact you today.


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