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Why Our Customers Love the Series 1 Pro’s Large Build Volume (And You Should Too!)

Posted by Kim Carbon on Aug 3, 2017 10:16:48 AM

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When we ask our customers why they chose a Series 1 Pro for their 3D printing jobs, one of the fctors that always comes up is the printer’s large build area. Featuring a full cubic foot usable build volume, the Series 1 Pro offers its users the freedom to print bigger parts and have broader applications for the technology - an advantage that is often desired both for prototyping and final part production.

To illustrate further, here are the ways in which most of our customers, from manufacturers and professionals to makers and students, are making the most out of the Series 1 Pro’s large build volume:

1. Life-size Prints

As the most obvious advantage of having a large build volume, Series 1 Pro users make use of the printer’s build area by producing life-size prints such as full-scale models and functional prototypes. Architecture students at Clemson University, for instance, use their 3D printers to create a wide range of extensive models and experiment with different manufacturing applications, all of which have been very valuable in their learning process.

Student working on a Series 1 Pro 3D Printer

Conceptual Building Designs by Vishnu Sreenath and Sneha Rajput.jpg








Student working on a Series 1 Pro.                                     Conceptual Building Design by Vishnu Sreenath    

Further, each Series 1 Pro is designed with highly-rated, industrial grade components. This means that every single printer is built for heavy-duty jobs and can print for longer hours without compromising quality and print resolution. To take as an example, light artist and production engineer Gavin McMahon makes his 3D printed lamps on a Series 1 Pro which he usually completes in an average of 15 hours. The reliability of the Series 1 Pro allowed him to focus more on the designing aspect of his business as he no longer has to worry whether his print will finish or not.

Lighting By Gavin 3D Printed Lamp Time Lapse

2. Reduced Assembly Time

Reduced assembly time or part consolidation is one of the benefits that 3D printing brings to the manufacturing industry in general. Additionally, this process is further simplified if one’s printer has a huge build area which will allow you to reduce both the number of your operations and tooling costs, giving you an unrivaled value in cost per cubic inch.

Rick Winscot took advantage of this benefit when he designed his Star Wars BB-8 for the Maker Faire last 2016.  The full cubic foot build volume of the Series 1 Pro allowed Rick to save on his production time. Because he was able to print bigger parts, he was also able to cut down the frequency of his activities which included breaking down large parts into smaller sections, gluing, and sanding, among others.



The BB-8 dome

3. High Throughput for Smaller Parts

In addition to large prints and part consolidation, a large build volume also provides users the opportunity to print smaller parts in greater quantity or in the same batch. This is invaluable on a shop floor and on a business’ bottom line as it reduces the amount of labor time to run both one’s machine and to complete the whole production.

One customer who has leveraged this is Stephan Adams, micromanufacturer and founder of Adamation LLC. Equipped with the Print Pod, a parallel-printing solution that holds six Series 1 Pros, all networked together, Adams was able to increase his batch capacity significantly for his Raspberry Pi kits. Besides the ability of the Print Pod itself to run multiple jobs simultaneously, the build volume of each Series 1 Pro provided Adams the perfect bed to help him achieve his production target.

parts of raspberry pi kits 3D printed on a Series 1 Pro  Corner-brackets_sm.jpg

Parts of Raspberry Pi kits printed on Series 1 Pro.

With its large build volume coupled with its reliability and the range of materials that it can work with, the Series 1 Pro gives every user professional capabilities and production opportunities that are difficult to find in other machines in the market. 


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