3D Printing for Professionals

Create compelling solutions for your clients and build your business creating prototypes and mock-ups with the Series 1 Pro. From quick-turn around between revisions, to creating a final design for approval, the Series 1 Pro will provide reliable service and high quality results.

Captivate Clients

Whether you’re an architect, engineer, or designer, the Series 1 Pro will bring your work to life and give your clients something they can hold and feel. Create models of your designs using a modeling program, then print them to allow you to see the pieces in physical form, then test and refine for a functional prototypes without the wait time. Or print your portfolio to create an interactive presentation which allows clients to physically experience your work. Once done prototyping, send your model to a Print Pod to make 1000s, on demand.

Life-Sized Prints

Size MattersAt a cubic foot, the Series 1 Pro has the build volume to print large scale models and functional prototypes, while still maintaining a sleek, open-core appearance and compact footprint. The industrial-grade frame and sub-100-micron resolution allow for high-quality prints in a short amount of time. Our all-metal extruder allows for heavy use - including overnight prints - to meet your deadlines. Our ever-expanding selection of affordable materials allows you to print to a variety of finishes and material properties.

On the Cutting Edge

Cutting EdgeThe modular design of the Series 1 Pro means you can stop worrying about keeping up with every new technology. The Series 1 Pro allows you to easily upgrade your machine as technology advances.

This extends the life of your machine, providing an industry-leading return on investment and allowing for the fastest technology adoption. True to our Open Source roots, our warranty is modification-friendly, meaning you can make your Series 1 Pro suit your needs and still be covered.

The Print Pod can deliver at lower costs per part and more flexibilty than traditional manufacturing methods, such as injection molding.