Type A Machines’ 2016 Year Review

Posted by Kim Carbon on Jan 5, 2017 4:24:55 PM

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At Type A Machines, we always strive for excellence and innovation and pursue projects we believe will transform not only the 3D printing industry but also that of advanced manufacturing in general. On this note, as we begin and start our new and existing projects for 2017, we look back to the year that was and the challenges we took on to bring to all our customers the best features that the 3D printing technology has to offer, as well as the stories that inspired us to keep on doing what we do. Here are some of the highlights of our 2016.

1. A Paradigm Shift in Defining Internal Geometry

Moving beyond 2D infill, we have redefined the internal geometry or infill for 3D printed objects with the introduction of Absolute Dimensions and 3D Internal Structures. These two methodologies which are now incorporated in Cura Type A allow designers and engineers to have a more effective design communication and create better 3D printed parts whose mechanical performance are more consistent and predictable.

Absolute Dimensions and Internal Structure_Cura

2. Release of ProMatte, EverydayPLA, and PerformancePLA

With the objective to deliver a complete 3D printing experience to our customers, we also introduced a number of high-quality 3D printing materials designed to suit the different requirements for the 3D prints of each user. The ProMatte is 30% lighter than your standard PLA which gives a beautiful matte finish. EverydayPLA on the other hand is easy to print and delivers color and diameter consistency while PerformancePLA has higher impact strength and is made for prints where durability is needed.

3D printer materials_EverydayPLA_PerformancePLA_ProMatte

3. The Hayward Adult School FabLab

Another collaborative space was added last year to the list of the growing number of campus makerspaces that are built across the country. As part of our efforts to support makerspaces and advance the education in 3D printing, we have installed our Print Pod at the Hayward Adult School Fablab to enhance the learning experience of students allowing them to create high-quality prototypes and even scale their fabrications and 3D designs.

Hayward Adult School Fablab

4. Innovating Design and Workflow with the Print Pod

Stephan Adams of Adamation LLC, a digital design and manufacturing company, shared with us how the parallel production capability of the Print Pod enabled him to create quality and innovative designs for his Raspberry Pi kits. In addition to this, Adams was also able to optimize his workflow increasing his production capacity without sacrificing production time.

Paralle Production in 3D Printing with the Print Pod

5. Multi-filament Printing Comes to the Series 1 

Printing multiple 3D printer filaments has always been a challenge in the world of 3D printing. However, with our collaboration with Canada-based 3D printing technology company, Mosaic Manufacturing, Ltd., we were able to bring such capability to our Series 1 3D printers. The cutting edge technology of Mosaic’s Palette and its seamless integration with the Series 1 allow users to enjoy the cleanest multicolored and multi-filament prints.

Printing multiple 3D printer filaments with Series 1 and the Palette

6. Tungsten Carbide Hot End

An industry’s first, the Tungsten Carbide hot end is designed for the most demanding of occasions. As the industry moves to using more abrasive 3D printing materials, the new hot end with its superior wear resistance extends the service life of our award-winning G2 extruder. It holds a Vickers number of 2600, ensuring users quality and consistent prints for the rest of the hot end’s life.  

Tungsten_Carbide_Hot_End.jpg7. Taking 3D Printing One Step Further

Understanding the needs of our enterprise customers, we introduced the Series 1 Pro Enterprise Bundle which combines the reliability and build-volume of the Series 1, the durability and precision of the Tungsten Carbide hot end, and the flexibility brought by the BuildTak FlexPlate System. The Enterprise Bundle brings solution to heavy-use printing giving users the maximum machine print time they truly seek.


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