Featured Downloads:

0.6mm Hot End Cura Type A Profiles

Download the following .ini files. In Cura Type A, select “File” -> “Open Profile…” to populate the settings fields with the values contained in the material profile of your choice.

Download links:
ProMatte 0.6mm Settings
EverydayPLA 0.6mm Settings
PerformancePLA 0.6mm Settings

Series 1 Spool Holder 5.2

In some of our documentation, this design had been refered to as "Spool Holder 2.0"

Download links:
STL files + gcode For 0.4mm Hot Ends (Standard)
STL files + gcode For 0.6mm Hot Ends
Full Spool Holder Git Directory with Additional Gcode and Documentation

Cura Type A
Cura Type A is Type A Machines' slicing software used to prepare 3D model for printing on the Series 1 and Series 1 Pro. Choose a material profile from the built-in list of materials, optimized for the best results when printing with the Series 1 and Series 1 Pro. If you prefer, the full complement of settings are available and at your disposal, allowing you to adjust them to suit your needs.


Cura Type A 1.5 - Available for Download Now

New Features and Enhancements

- Absolute Dimensions - Specify infill by millimeter rather than percentage.
- 3D Cubic Structure -  Produces axis-independent interior structure.
- Internal structure visualizer - Toggles display of infill in place as it would print. (Two-dimensional internal structures only.)
- New Concentric internal structure pattern introduced.
- Basic settings panel displays extrusion width, shell number, and equivalant infill percentage for users migrating to our new infill paradigm.
- Gcode can be renamed when using "Send to Series 1" feature.
- Cmd/Ctrl-P brings up the “Send to Printer” dialog.
- Tag in Gcode files indicating material profile used to generate the gcode.
- User notification when a software update is available.
- Added 30 new Material Profiles, for over 75 total. Complete list is here

Download Cura Type A 1.5.0: Windows | macOS

ATTENTION MAC USERS: After it has been moved into the Applications folder, you must control-click on the program and select "open" in order to run this version of Cura Type A for the first time.

Minimum system software requirements: Windows 8/10, macOS 10.7+
Download the Quick Start Guide for Cura Type A PDF here.


Cura Type A 1.4.2
Full changelog and release notes can be found in our forum, here.

Minimum OS requirements: Windows 8 and 10, OS X 10.7 and later 
Linux in i386 (32-bit) and AMD64 (64-bit) variants should use Cura Type A 1.4.1.

Download Cura Type A: Windows | OS X | Linux (64-bit) | Linux (32-Bit)
Release Notes can be found here 


Previous Versions of Cura Type A
Older releases of Cura Type A, while not actively supported, can be found here


Cura Type A is possible thanks to Open Source

Cura Type A is based on Daid/Ultimaker's Cura v15.02 Open Source slicing software. Our thanks to Daid Braam for his generous contribution to the Open Source community and the 3D printing industry as a whole. And thank you to Ultimaker for their ongoing support for Cura development.

Source code for Cura Type A is located in the Type A Machines BitBucket repository.

The Type A Machines fork of Cura
The Type A Machines fork of the CuraEngine 


Download the Quick Start Guide for Series 1 & Series 1 Pro PDF here
Download the Series 1 & Series 1 Pro User Manual PDF here

Selected Source Files

      Source files are available here. This includes printable parts for all current Series 1 Pro and Series 1 machines.


Modeling Software & Example Models

Autodesk Fusion 360: One year license is included with every Series 1 or Series 1 Pro.
OnShape: Web-based fully parametric modeling software. The free version allows up to ten private documents.
TinkerCAD: Web-based modeling software aimed at beginners and young designers. A free version is available.
SketchUp: Direct modeling software commonly used in architectural work.
Autodesk MeshmixerPowerful tool for modifying mesh files such as STLs.
Example Models to get you up and printing.
Visit our Forum for more suggestions.

Vintage and Legacy Product Documents

Get the Quick Start Guide for Series 1 (2014) PDF here
User Manual for Series 1 (2014) PDF here
Series 1 Troubleshooting Tips (2014) PDF here
User Manual for Series 1 (2012/2013 Plywood) PDF here

Series 1 2012/2013 - Plywood

To get your 2012 or 2013 Series 1 setup, download a setup package for your operating system which consists of the KISSlicer slicing engine, configuration files, the Pronterface control software, and drivers for Windows.

Download the Windows 64-bit Setup Package here
Download the Windows 32-bit Setup Package here
Download the Mac OS X Setup Package here

Supporting Software

Bonjour for Windows

Connecting to the Series 1 Pro via Wi-Fi or Ethernet without prior configuration from Windows requires the installation of Bonjour for Windows.

Download Bonjour for Windows here

Connecting via SSH

If you wish to connect via SSH, but are unfamiliar with it, we recommend Google Chrome with SSH add-on. More information on SSH can be found in our knowledgebase here.

Download Google Chrome here 
Download Secure Shell Add-On for Google Chrome here 


Firmware for our products can be found here.