We Believe in Accessible Source

For us, open source is about fostering a relationship with our community. We believe value is created when people are free to modify, repair and even build their printer from scratch. We encourage customers and enthusiasts to customize, experiment with, and improve our products. Tell us we're doing it wrong and show us a better way!

We call this accessible source and it's in recognition that the development of our company and our products must be a dialogue with our users who an important voice in that dialogue which needs to be heard.


Generally you won't need the firmware, but in case you do, we provide it here. Installation requires the Arduino Software. If you need help uploading the firmware for the purposes of upgrading to a heated bed, have a look at these instructions.

Series 1 / Series 1 Pro (2015 with Heated Bed - v1.3.0) | Download

Series 1 / Series 1 Pro (2015 with Heated Bed - v1.2.1*) | Download

*Version 1.2.1 is required on some Series 1 Pro 3D printers purchased between July 2015 and September 2015. Contact support to determine the specific for your printer..

Series 1 (2015 without Heated Bed) | Download

Series 1 (2014 with G2 Extruder / "Needle" Hot End) | Download

Series 1 (2014 with Groovemount Hot End (Metal machines sold before July 15) | Download

Series 1 (2013 Dual Head Test Batch) Marlin Firmware | Download

Series 1 (2013) Marlin Firmware | Download


If you want to build your own Series 1, modify yours, or cut new parts these are the files you’ll need.

Printed Parts and Test Prints for all Metal Framed Series 1 and Series 1 Pro 3D Printers | Bitbucket

Series 1 (2013) Bill Of Materials | Download PDF | Excel | ODS

Series 1 (2013) Design Files | View on GrabCAD

Series 1 (2012) Cutting Drawings | Download

Series 1 (2012) Design Files | View on GitHub


If you're looking for information on Cura Type A, click below.

Download Cura