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Type A Machines is built on community. We strive to provide our users with the best printing experience possible, and are only able to make this happen by engaging with our network of professionals and makers, and learning what they want and need in a 3D printer. We hope you like meeting our users as much as we do.



A San Francisco-based company that is dedicated to the manufacturing of photography and videography tools that are both affordable and high quality. These tools enable users to create beautiful shots that were once only achievable by professionals.

Brian Burling, founder of eMotimo, previously created prototype parts using CNC machines at TechShop in San Francisco. While at TechShop, Burling got acquainted with the Type A Machines team and our Series 1 3D printer. He saw the potential for its use at eMotimo, and, after looking at other brands, invested in a printer in March 2013.

“The build area was important,” Burling says. “We have some parts that are larger and need the print space, so having that volume, without having to spend a lot of dollars, is great”. He notes what else made us a standout choice was the fact that we are open source, as well as a local company who has American-made products and a great support center.

Since then, he and Logan Steinfeld, Industrial Designer at eMotimo, have been using their Series 1 machine to successfully prototype parts for their products. Although Steinfeld had prior experience using a 3D printer in college, both he and Burling found ease with the Series 1.

emotimo2_largeBurling and Steinfeld, who sometimes produce up to 6 small parts a day, note that prior to 3D printing prototypes, they’d have to go through a lengthy and costly process of designing a part and then outsourcing it. They would also spend a lot of time critiquing the design before actually prototyping it.

“If there’s any sort of small change I need to make, I can just tinker with it in the CAD program and in a matter of minutes it’s printed,” says Steinfeld. “There are other days where I’ll sketch something out, then model it, and then we’ll print it out. To transition from a sketch to holding something in your hand in a day is crazy.”

From prototype to market, eMotimo, whose customers include National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and History Channel, have not only found satisfaction in all of the beautiful creations their customers have made, but also in the idea that they can design a part and physically hold it within the same day.

“For us it’s a toy where we can play with new ideas,” Steinfeld says. “We also get high enough tolerances that we can feel very confident in pushing the button on low-run prototype production. We don’t have to make one expensive prototype–we can print out dozens and the cost of that is remarkable.”


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