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Type A Machines is built on community. We strive to provide our users with the best printing experience possible, and are only able to make this happen by engaging with our network of professionals and makers, and learning what they want and need in a 3D printer. We hope you like meeting our users as much as we do.


IMG_2543-e1386793313178-764x1024_mediumTechShop San Francisco is a space for makers and creators to thrive. When their ShopBot CNC Machine had a broken dust skirt, James intended to create a 3D printed part that could replace it. He was able to create a prototype of the dust skirt, which is the part of the machine that vacuums up dust.

mosaic637cbfb5542dc83a6533c93759dc70dd87486a15_largeThe 8"x8"x7" 3D printed part is a fully functional piece that took between 14 and 18 hours to print with our Series 1 3D printer. The finished product has screws and a metal plate affixed to the bottom. The previous model, which was also 3D printed using our Series 1, was working for 4 months before it got accidentally destroyed. However, 3D printing the dust skirt allows TechShop to recreate the part at an affordable price. According to James, the next prototype they print will be re-designed to have features like thicker walls, more infill, and chambers. 

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