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Type A Machines is built on community. We strive to provide our users with the best printing experience possible, and are only able to make this happen by engaging with our network of professionals and makers, and learning what they want and need in a 3D printer. We hope you like meeting our users as much as we do.

The FINs

With the Series 1 3D Printer, designers can finally create and experiment with their ideas in a faster and cheaper manner.

This is what happened to three young designers from the University of San Francisco. Joshua, Omar and Wesley met while attending classes at the University and decided to create a new-school hardware company called FIN.

They designed a product that turns the iPhone in a multi-functional device, where functionality and aesthetics meet. A case with a card slider that allows you to access easily your credit card.


They decided to use 3D printing technology to develop the optimal FIN case design, taking full advantage of the endless possibilities provided by its iterative capabilities. From an idea drawn on paper to a 3D model, FIN has now developed a 3D printed prototype.

omar_medium"We started by printing on the Makerbot Replicator2 but we had issues with the machine breaking down frequently.

Once we got our hands on the Type A Machines’ Series 1, we started having far less issues and more consistent prints

The bigger build plate inside of the Type A also adds a lot more value by allowing for us to print in larger quantities."

Omar Avalos, Digital Designer at FIN

The FIN Team has been able to find the perfect design for the FIN case through multiple iterations on the Series 1 3D Printer. The case has gone through hundreds of iterations and gets better everyday.

"Without the Series 1 producing consistent prints, we wouldn’t have been able to get as far as we have come" concludes Omar.

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