Whether it's helping to keep your Series 1 running at peak performance, or taking care of print jobs for you, Type A Machines Services have you covered.

Want help going from idea to object? Our tailored print services are ready to step in, no matter what stage of development you're in. From designing a model, to printing or casting an object, Print Services are there to make your idea a reality.

Need to keep your idea or product confidential? Our Print Service team is ready to work under a nondisclosure agreement, so your ideas stay yours.

Check out our services we offer below:



3D Parts on Demand

Need more 3D prints but don't have access to enough 3D printers? With prints available in many different colors and materials, our print on demand service is here to turn your 3D models into reality. Whether you have a design that you just want one of, or need to print a thousand parts, Parts on Demand offers the scope of service you need to get your project done. 

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Priority Services

We understand that having a machine down means lost business. That’s why we designed our Priority Service Plan to provide responsive and priority service designed to get you up and running as fast as possible - even if it means swapping your machine.

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